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HERS Rating and Testing Services from Collins & Co.

One of the recent changes in the current 2012 IECC code is the requirement to test new homes with blower door and duct blaster tests for code compliance. This is done by an independent 3rd party consultant called a ‘HERS Rater’ (Home Energy Rating System Professional). He is certified to perform these tests on homes and documents whether the home meets the current building performance codes or not. To meet the code, a house must be air-sealed, insulated, and ventilated mechanically. The home must be measured for air leakage using a blower door and duct testing apparatus to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy.

Another service beyond code compliance that a HERS rater provides is a HERS index score, a kind of MPG for a home. This is done by first reviewing building plans, mechanical equipment, framing, and insulation/air sealing strategies. From gathering that information a preliminary HERS index score is calculated. Later, prior to drywall, an on-site inspection is done to verify air sealing, air barriers, and insulation are installed properly. Lastly, a final inspection is completed with the blower door and duct testing equipment to confirm an “as built” product. These final recordings will be put into sophisticated software called “REM/Rate” and a Home Energy Rating Certificate is presented to the parties along with a ‘Certificate of Testing’ for the building official.

We are proud that David Koski has joined the Collins & Co. team. David is the HERS Rater and Building Science Advisor. David has tested hundreds of homes in CT and has provided expert support to builders, developers and homeowners. In addition to these services, David can be the conduit to provide the path to getting rebates through utility company programs. Some of his clients have received thousands of dollars of rebate money per home or building unit.

If you are building a new home, or planning one, contact David Koski at to receive more information about how the Collins & Co. HERS Rating and Building Science Division can assist you with your project.