Retrofit Insulation for Existing Homes

Collins & Co. has been insulating existing homes in Connecticut and Massachusetts since 1946. For seventy years our orange trucks have been in most neighborhoods upgrading insulation. We install blown-in fiberglass and blown-in cellulose.

Collins & Co. has state of the art diagnostic equipment to be able to test your home to find out how energy is being lost in your home.  At that point we can determine the best strategy to improve your insulation. We also can provide you with an energy audit, and show you how to take advantage of rebates from utility companies, and show you how you could finance the cost of your project.

Blown-In Fiberglass

Insulating the Attic

  • Upgrade your existing insulation with blown-in fiberglass.
  • The Department of Energy recommends up to R-60 in our area.
  • Blown fiberglass will fill evenly to reduce heat loss and increase comfort.
  • Will not settle
  • Will not absorb moisture
  • Firesafe
  • Provides optimum performance for the life of your home

Insulating the Walls

  • Blown fiberglass R-15 in exterior walls
  • Will not settle
  • Eliminates drafts
  • Completely fills voids to maintain comfort all year long

Blown-In Cellulose

  • Made from recycled newspapers
  • Treated for firesafety
  • Will fill into every crack and crevice

Contact us today and we can meet with you to assess your needs, and work with you to achieve improved performance in comfort and energy efficiency. Utility company rebates are available!

Collins & Co.

Collins & Co. installs insulation, seamless gutters, Gutter Hood gutter protection, gas fireplaces, closet shelving and garage doors for builders and homeowners in Connecticut and Massachusetts. Contact us today regarding your home renovation, improvement or construction project.

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